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Live a Full and Joyful Life
After Divorce

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What you will receive from your package of 6 sessions

A safe and confidential space to be heard

Practical and unbiased support

Goal setting

Time management skills

Confidence boosting techniques

Increased self worth

Useful and rare relaxation practices

First hand experience 

Professionals to use or stay away from

Native English speaker

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At the completion of your 6 one-on-one sessions, you will gain access to my private Facebook support group and receive support from our growing community of divorced women.

The group is designed to connect and make friendships, discuss relevant topics, and receive authentic support from me and other women going through similar transitions.

About Me

Deena Neustadter

I am originally from New York, living in Israel for close to 12 years. I am a fully-certified life coach by the Jerusalem Coaching Institute. My true calling is to empower and guide divorcing and divorced women back to their confident, motivated selves. Through my own divorce with two young children l realized there was a need to provide support and growth to the women and mothers going through the process itself.

I believe all women should be able to receive the support they need

so they can become the woman they’ve been waiting to be.


Please contact me directly to learn about a personalized and attractive pricing plan for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions confidential?

Life Coaching for Divorced Women provides an emotionally safe and confidential space for you to express yourself and to grow from this experience

What exactly is Life Coaching for Divorced Women and what does it entail?

Life Coaching for Divorced Women is a service which supports and empowers women going through one of the toughest times of their lives. Through specific coaching tools, active listening, and confidence boosting techniques, clients come out feeling heard, advocating for themselves and ready to step out into the world with their best foot forward. With the package of 6 coaching sessions, once a week for an hour each meeting, you will learn to utilize the qualities you already possess.

Do I need to be divorced already to use your services?

Not at all, but you do need to have made the decision to divorce and have started the legal process already.

Can you help me decide if I should get divorced or not?

Unfortunately I can't. I encourage you to speak with a psychologist to make the best decision for yourself. If after you've made the decision to divorce and have started the legal process, please feel free to contact me.

What are your fees?

Please contact me directly to learn about a personalized and attractive pricing plan for you

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